Spring Wind




The damp breaths of

cold despair jammed

the sashes of

hibernating relief


I rub the numbed legs of my past

look out of my longing

at the wind caressing

the hair of spring


but I am not worried

because I have still

your warm eyes


I know your glances

would open again

the changing window of

my room


be silent

don’t awaken

the wintry memories

let your glimpses pussyfoot

blowing to open my heart




we have thought  together

about it would smell pleasant

making a united place of greenery

erasing the dividing frontiers of humaneness


hey you, the child inside us!

did you mean this?


here’s the rain


you fell asleep,

the brutal clouds of violence captured

the sunny skies of meliorism


the drops of poisonous thoughts rained

flooding on the seedlings of hopefulness

dustmen took the helm of flow direction

piled up the floating evilness

putting up the walls

along the ill-minded borders

on the land of humanity


wake up

wear a mask

taking care yourself


even me have to inhale

the chemical bomb of my inability

falling on your innocence


wake up

I can’t think of

rain without you

Thinking Of Rain

آغیر بکلنتی لر


یاغیش داملالاری یونگوللویوندن

بیرآز تؤک

منیم بکلنتیلردن آغیرلاشمیش بارداغیما


قارشیلیق گودمه ین

سربست دوشوشون یوکسه لیشی ایله

اؤیله مست ائت کی

هارا سرپیلمه گیم

هئچ ده اومرومدا اولماسین

اویان ائی گورولدایان گؤیون ساکیتلیگی

بسته له

دوغاچلاما نوتالارین بولودلارینی

یوموشاق چارپماغین قورخوسوز ماهنیسینی اؤیرت

یاغمورلو بارماقلاریما

اوزگورلوگ تئللریندن آسیلیب

گؤزل بیر اینتیحارا اوغراسینلار


Pain Reliever


snowball snow heart romantic girl.jpg



Sprinkle again

a handful of flaky lightness

on my nonhibernating morning

to sing forgetting lullaby

frosting the whine of awakening


I just always want

your eyes rise

snowing every dawn


the whiteness of

your glances bury

both my aches

and me





Melting of Painful Days





I wonder if the limpidity of

melting would take along

the dirty whiteness of

hardened memories

snowing on

passing days


the rays of hope shine

extending their hands inside

drawing aside the blanket of

asleep spring in my mind


I open the resurrection




the wind of change shoos to flap

the flock of forgetting birds

waiting on tree in front of

my window flying inside

to sit on the strings of

my heart playing

the welcome song

to the warmth of

coming days



Abandoned Temple



I sacrifice my sighs

severed heads can hear the jeers

as they hit on the step stones


the sarcastic laugh of stairs

is the last sound around to them

buzzing in their ears as they roll down

on the extreme stones

made of the religious wars,

the virulent battue of racism


I sacrifice my sighs

on the altar of ignorance

to the humanity coming back again

to our abandoned temple

before the sun sets behind

the beheaded bodies of innocence